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How to sell a Web Cam

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 by in My Work

What better way to spend a Saturday than on the set of a lean and mean video shoot? This video will help sell the benefits of a Logitech web cam over a standard embedded webcam (the one that comes integrated into your notebook/monitor.

The end result will be a constant velocity pullback revealing a web cam conference in session, along with feature details overlaid as snappy captions that track to objects in frame (in 3D space). The magic of this will be in the way the captions are rendered. I’ll update with the final product in a few weeks. It’s one of those looks-simple, but isn’t, videos – that for some reason I have a particular fondness for.




Here you see the set – a cubicle (at, say, an architecture firm), the talent, and a home made motion control rig. Sweet!


This will all make sense in the final product – promise.