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You’re on the personal website of Michael Litchfield, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Marketeer, Technologist, Film Maker, Restless Thinker, and displaced Kiwi (the flightless bird from New Zealand, not the hairy green fruit) living among the redwoods just slightly north of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, CA.

Here on these few pages you get a glimpse into my work and into my life. In many ways, each influences the other, and at times I find it difficult to separate the two. A symptom of really enjoying what I do.

At the time of writing (2015), I’ve been living and working in the US for some twenty years.  It is very much my home. I love it here.  But, as with any expatriate, I still have a strong connection to my first home – New Zealand. I love it there too.  My NZ heritage influences much of what I do. Those that know me, have come to expect a little kiwi flavor in most of what I do. If you spend a little time here, you may notice that too.

Thanks for being here.


Michael Litchfield
You can find me on LinkedIN and the other usual places (my Twitter activity is intermittent at best) or just write to me here: michael @ redwoodkiwi . com


Looking for the resume? Well, full disclosure, it’s very out of date. And, in an age of ones curricula vitae being fully revealed on sites much like this one, I don’t see the need to keep one current. I have not touched it in a long while. Still want it, ok.. download it anyway.