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Listening to: Porcelaintoy

Posted on Jun 11, 2011 by in My Life

Contrite Elegant Rebel by Porcelaintoy is, in a single word: Seductive. The lyrics and vocals of Elizabeth Judd lure you in as if a sirens call. And once in, it’s very hard to leave. I’m reminded of Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and Skye Edwards (Morcheeba), although Elizabeth definitely has a more ‘come-hither’ quality. Like a full bodied red wine, the complexities and richness of this production require it to breath and be swirled around the mouth several times before it can be fully appreciated.

Once again, I’m amazed at the diversity and quality of sounds coming from the New Zealand scene. Carry on.

Highly recommended.

Listen to it here on bandcamp