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Deja Vu

Posted on Oct 2, 2011 by in My Life, My Work

A year later, and here we are again. Same crew, same principal talent, producing A day made of glassThe Sequel. It’s hard to improve on excellent, but we’re giving it a good solid try. It’s taken a good 3 months of hard work to get this far – and there’s much to do – but for a couple of weeks, I get to indulge in the real fun part (crazy, crazy busy, but fun) – the filming.

As I write this, we have completed day 4 of filming – with a week remaining. Each [long] day represents about 40-50 secs of playback in the final product. It’s rare that I get to create a piece like this – one that is so complex, and that takes so much planning, thinking, and tinkering. I love it though. And then seeing it come together – thanks to such a fantastic crew. Amazing!

Keep an eye out for Ava – she makes an appearance in the classroom scene. As do a few of her actual classmates.